Researchers discover how to mimic plants for solar production

(Christian Science Monitor) Researchers at Florida State University say they’ve developed a method that could make solar power cheaper by copying the process of photosynthesis used in plants. A study published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry lays out a new technique that uses less material to capture sunlight, allowing it to to covert light into electricity at a faster rate.

Tesla’s Gigafactory will produce as much renewable energy as it uses

(TreeHugger) The battery ‘Gigafactory’ that Tesla is building in Nevada is the centerpiece of its whole mass-market electric car strategy. Without it, the company will have trouble securing enough battery supply to make hundreds of thousands of EVs (which they plan to do for the upcoming, more affordable Model 3, to be unveiled in March 2016), and it will have trouble reducing its prices enough to attract Mr. and Mrs. Everybody