The Energy Xchange is an educational initiative to promote understanding of the changing energy realities of the 21st Century and the opportunities and risks they present for the economy, national security, and sustainability. We foster thoughtful discourse among diverse perspectives in order to inform and illuminate a wise path forward.

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America’s remarkable economic expansion has been powered by a century of low-cost fossil fuels. How will trends regarding cost, demand, and supply for energy re-shape our economy?

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National Security

Energy and security have always been intertwined.  But what does energy security really mean and how can we as a nation achieve it?



In a world of finite resources, sustainability is not a choice but a mandate.  How can we make a deliberate transition to a truly sustainable economy?

Unleashing Innovation

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Investing in Tomorrow

Creating an economy equipped for the future will require strategic investment of today’s resources. How can limited capital and other resources be directed toward this goal?