Report Ranks Top States for Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement

Report Ranks Top States for Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement

(Green Tech Media) Not all states are equal when it comes to renewable energy policy — particularly when it comes to how well states accommodate corporate clean energy procurements, according to a new report by the Retail Industry Leaders Association and the Information Technology Industry Council.

The commercial and industrial renewable energy market currently totals around 5 gigawatts of contracted wind and solar power, with these large-scale customers planning to procure an additional 60 gigawatts by 2025, according to the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA). Whether or not companies will be able to meet their procurement goals relies heavily on state-level policies, which some leading corporations are actively trying to make more favorable .

The Corporate Clean Energy Index ranks all 50 states based on the ease with which companies can procure renewable energy for their operations. The methodology balances the needs of corporate customers with larger and smaller loads to reflect the diversity of Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) and Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) members. While geared toward retail and technology companies, the report also reflects the interests of other energy purchasers, including those in the military, healthcare and higher education.

The index consists of 15 indicators broken down across three categories — utility purchasing options, third-party purchasing options and onsite/direct purchasing options. The results were also combined for an overall ranking. Furthermore, all calculations were adjusted by dividing megawatts of deployed renewable capacity by the state’s total installed capacity in order to create a level playing field.

Taking this approach, Iowa, Illinois, New Jersey, California and Texas claimed the top five positions for clean energy procurement overall — each for a unique set of reasons. Overall results and policy mix

Iowa leads the overall index ranking primarily because of the opportunity to procure renewable energy (RE) through regulated utilities within the state. “Iowa’s strong corporate RE deployment levels show that even in a regulated state, a utility strongly committed to RE, in this case MidAmerican Energy, can create large RE procurement deals as it has with Google and Facebook,” the report states. The 548 megawatts of wind power capacity deployed by MidAmerican on […]

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