Energy + the Economy
A Roundtable Discussion

Sunday June 26, 12:30 – 5:00 pm      Register Button

University of the District of Columbia, David A. Clarke School of Law
4340 Connecticut Ave NW, Room 214, Washington DC 20008 [map]

In conjunction with and the 2016 conference of the International Society of Ecological Economics

Carey King – Assistant Director, University of Texas Energy Institute
David Daniels – Chief Energy Modeler, Energy Information Administration
Steven Kopits – President, Princeton Energy Advisors
Charles A.S. Hall – Co-author, Energy and the Wealth of Nations

How will changing dynamics regarding energy shape our economic future?

The world has experienced profound changes in recent years regarding both energy and the economy. Fossil fuels, while still abundant, are becoming more costly to develop as the most easily-accessible resources become depleted. Many renewable energy technologies are becoming less costly, but would still require massive capital investment to replace fossil fuels at current scale. Global demand for energy continues to climb but, at the same time, advanced economies are becoming less energy-intensive (less energy used per unit GDP).

Meanwhile, a global financial crisis, mounting public and private debt, and other headwinds have cast a shadow of lingering uncertainty over the world economy. Conventional thinking presumes an eventual return to “normal.” But slowing growth, increasing inequality, and a sense that an apparent recovery remains fragile are driving concerns that the world had entered a new era, where the usual economic rules and tools may no longer apply.

This interactive event will explore how these trends may be related and converging to define a new normal for the 21st Century.

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